Our qualified chiller and refrigeration technicians maintain a high level of training and industry awareness of evolving innovation and new technology. Regardless of the age of your chiller equipment, with ASM Chilltech’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll experience a reduction in system failure with ongoing improvements to maintenance procedures.

We service and install all types of Chillers, including Water Cooled, Air Cooled and Absorption.

Chilled water systems provide centralised cooling for a building allowing for one access point, normally a plant room or rooftop, to service the equipment. While chillers might be more expensive initially to purchase and install, the investment means the system is more energy efficient reducing the day-to-day energy costs and impact on the environment.

ASM Chilltech are specialists in chiller installation and servicing, we are able to tailor a preventative maintenance schedule to suit your chiller systems, giving you peace of mind reliability that will significantly increase the lifecycle of this critical asset and ensure it runs efficiently to maximum your ROI.

Specialists in Process Cooling applications

  • Low temperature Brine Chilling
  • Pipe work Design & Installation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Barrel store cooling and humidification
  • Winery Refrigeration
  • Food Process Cooling

A Maintenance Program is Essential to Balancing Costs and Minimising Service Interruptions

At ASM Chilltech we understand the importance of hassle free preventative maintenance and servicing of your HVAC equipment, whilst providing reliable and sustainable operation of all related mechanical plant. We support our customers with prompt response times during business hours, offering 24/7 service coverage inclusive of an after-hours hotline with service technicians on call.

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