A Maintenance Program is Essential to Balancing Costs and Minimising Service Interruptions

At ASM Chilltech we understand the importance of hassle free preventative maintenance and servicing of your HVAC equipment, whilst providing reliable and sustainable operation of all related mechanical plant. We support our customers with prompt response times during business hours, offering 24/7 service coverage inclusive of an after-hours hotline with service technicians on call.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs include documented monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual inspections of HVAC services. This is achieved with the innovation and full functionality of cloud-based real time software to coordinate live scheduling, job reporting, asset management, quoting, invoicing and GPS tracking of our technicians, who utilise handheld devices on site to create a truly paperless process.

With up to 70% of a building’s energy use HVAC related, preventative maintenance allows operations to continue with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency, providing numerous benefits to your organisation including:

  • Reduced breakdowns
  • Minimal downtime
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased equipment longevity
  • Enhanced reliability

Regular Preventative and Programmed Maintenance Services for a Safe and Sustainable Workplace

There are six reasons why maintenance of HVAC plant & equipment is necessary:
Legal and regulatory compilance
Health and safety for staff & customers
Operational - improved asset performance
Economic - reduced operating costs
Sustainability - energy reduction
Workplace productivity - comfort levels

Without regular maintenance, your HVAC assets and mechanical plant infrastructure is at risk of becoming less efficient, more prone to breakdown and dramatically reduce the expected lifecycle, leading to an increase in costs and potentially jeopardising the health and safety of your employees.

ASM Chilltech partners with our customers for the long term, providing a uniquely tailored and comprehensive maintenance program specifically suited to each site to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency, performance and safe operation.

Improve Energy Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Invest in Growth

With a proactive maintenance approach to your HVAC infrastructure, you’ll improve your building’s efficiency, reducing energy use and maintenance costs. NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Ratings System) reports that "Buildings are responsible for 40% of the world's energy use”.

When you know your facilities are running optimally, you’ll have more confidence and peace of mind, as well as the confidence of your stakeholders, employees and customers.

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