If your process or production cooling equipment needs fine tuning, service or repairs, our qualified team will provide experienced and up to date knowledge to have them operating at optimal efficiency.

A facility’s cooling systems are responsible for regulating temperatures in specific industrial and manufacturing environments to prevent overheating which can lead to damage or breakdown in equipment. We offer a customised and tailored service as each process cooling system has a unique installation specific to a purpose.

Our services include:

  • Production cooling
  • Food Manufacturing

A Maintenance Program is Essential to Balancing Costs and Minimising Service Interruptions

At ASM Chilltech we understand the importance of hassle free preventative maintenance and servicing of your HVAC equipment, whilst providing reliable and sustainable operation of all related mechanical plant. We support our customers with prompt response times during business hours, offering 24/7 service coverage inclusive of an after-hours hotline with service technicians on call.

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